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She was a lady who filed a suit. Bush for kidnapping and brutally raping her and her partner in November in Sugarland, Tx of 2002. Now 64,000 pounds later to exhibit because of it. Personally I think this was just a means for the school to prusue fraudulent loans. I really could really employ some aid if anybody could point me within the right direction or has any information on a current Class-Action Suit. I havenot even received my level and also had awards to assist pay for college, and owe a great deal on student loans.

They informed us that once our Grant funds were released we'd be able to address the loans. I'm in being truly a part of the class action from the University of phoenix suit really interested. I was offered everything and presented nothing but $24,000 value of student loans. I have no car loans, no charge cards - I avoid loans no matter what when I do not desire to be with debt. I also would be interested in case against Sallie Mae for Fraudulent lending practices regarding their participation. They'd no received grants and my loans yetand they stated they had to send them back.

Fortunately I restarted a program or never failed... But I am painful out- a lot of money... As well as in less than per year my loans have acquired 000.00 in attention, $20?! The school has compromised taxpayer dollars without followthrough by pre settlement funding supplying a defective item, not schooling, through scholarships. THEY THE LOANS TO THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION-THE FINANCIAL COUNCILOR EXPLAINED SHE DID, WHICH IS V E-R Y UNLAWFUL.
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